I am currently working in a number of comic book projects, on my own and with some very talented friends!


Roberta's Guide to the Hustle

This short comic introduces us to the world of Roberta, a small time crime lord in a barrio of Guanajuato, right smack in the middle Mexico. Roberta explains to her two new cronies the ins-and-outs of selling less-than-legal "refreshments" to other kids in the neighborhood. A larger story is in the works.


Alternica (click on the thumbnail for a preview!)

A collaboration with Jennie WoodAlternica is the story of a dystopian future in which the most damning excesses of American history haunt the youth of today. We follow Nic, the grandson of the war hero who lead the New South's rebellion. Faced with a future of opression for him and his new found love, Easton, Nic must betray the memory of his grandfather and lose his privileged place in society.


Red City Blues (in development, more coming soon)

A collaboration with Jennie Wood and Chris GoodwinRed City Blues is an action-filled crime story set in the futuristic city of Mars. It involves an aging Martian bounty hunter, a neurotic Reality-TV star, and a young earthling looking for a way back home. Red City Blues is a satire filled with love for the many versions of "the future" created by sci-fi stories of the past, and the way they shape (and distort) contemporary popular culture.